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  RT - Coming Soon
  Blair Peach on Summer Salon at Cafe Motzart / 7-12 -07
  The Fight on Ballsports at AVA Gallery / 12-11-07
  Hell yeah at Museum of Contemporary Art / 13-07-07
  Did You Smile ?, CAS Gallery UCT/ 16-05-07
  Prelude to Bitterness Salt Project Room / 09-05-07 - 09-06-07
  Cirque Du Pan/Panic Curcuit AVA Gallery / 14-04-07 - 04-05-07
  Ice Box @ Bell Roberts Contemporary 15-03-07 - 17-03-07
  YMG's Michaelis School of Fine Art Gallery / 27-03-07 - 20-04-07

////// Disclaimer//////

Some people have recently tried to infer that I have some kind of association with a certain unsavoury character who goes by the name of Ron T Beck this is fallacious and untrue (which just may be a tautology but who's to say). Ron has never worked in any official or unofficial capacity for me, there is also a persistent rumour that he is freelancing for a shady European intelligence agency. I also have reason to believe that he is a shameless sycophant and will befriend almost anybody on facebook. find out more about him here .