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Cropenbergers syndrome is inspiration for a current project called 'Cropenberger's Legacy

Cropenbergers syndrome refers to that disjoint between the conscious and the subconscious self in respect of idealising, fetishising or imitating an external individual (such as a celebrity a stranger or an person not familiar or know to the individual). Cropenbergers syndrome identifies specifically the disjoint between the established conscious self with a set of values and a moral code and the subconscious self that identifies or fetishises the external individual.

Cropenberger focussed on the disconnect between the conscious self's views and values and the desire for the external individual that the subconscious self generates that often is diametrically opposed to the views and values of the conscious self. Cropenberger himself used to refer to the stranger within the other self that drives the rational self to act or operate in a manner that may seem ludicrous on reflection. Cropenberger identified a number of side effects that sympotomitise this syndrome such as flattened emotions, disjoints or disconnects, unexplained memory lapses or reverse amnesia.

Treatment is only necessary if the Cropenbergers syndrome has advanced to the point that it interferes with the productivity or normal functioning of the individual. Treatment is primarily supportive and symptomatic.