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////// The Man Without a Trace ////// view here

by Charles Maggs

- Sometimes he was referred to as a lone human operative, meaning that he was unconnected and expendable other times the term self contained unit was used.

- He wore a personality as opposed to actually being someone

- It wasn't that he spoke or acted covert in any way, it was more implicit

there were however just the faintest residual traces of what could be a real past

- He used to speak about the murder at the heart of any dream

- Champagne is always a substitute for a real libido, the Russians urinate on their vessels, champagne has become a substitute for any nation or individual that is either spent or without desire. It is a substitute for death or the spectacle that is often absent in any event that has been engineered.

- He explained vividly how Truth, or the appearance of it can be projected by establishing a series of consistent and expandable reference points, one example being talking about the colour of a building at a particular geographic location that both the speaker and the audience are familiar with, being faded, - time has passed but the building remains consistent the familiarity establishes common ground in the mind of the listener, another is telling a story about someone that is universal to the point that the listener can picture that person in their minds eye, composed out of their memories of others that are familiar to them.

- The interplay of darks and lights, textures and smoothness becomes, he said, a manner of creating depth, always resist the exotic in dress, urban camouflage can be a number of things, like a blue collared shirt and grey pants

- Silence or a poker face is often a mechanism for establishing superiority and thus a sense of command.

- He made it clear before he waved goodbye that it was less about acting and more about being, when you can conduct seven conversations at once in your head you will begin to be effective.

- He never bothered supplying a pseudonym, not worth the effort.

- The sexual urge is inevitable but you have to maintain a long term view, the lack of holidays are also inevitable. Never eat with your back to the door.

- You will always work in parallel with one other person

- We discussed strategies of disappearance, these are the things I wrote down

'a fragile will speaks louder than a solid disposition,'

' I have rarely found myself in an uncomfortable positions from which I didn't have multiple exit points.'

'The boldest person can just vanish just like that,'

'emotions are very subtle sates.'

- 'The best way to guard secrets is not to have any, failing this spend time convincing yourself that you don't know them, it became more and more about not writing anything down or leaving anything traceable' - I can hardly describe him anymore in fact.

- Depressives will find each other, this is an inevitability, it always is the case. Avoid wearing grey or going to self help groups these two factors will interfere with the invisibility project.

- An established routine but on a shifting or reverse time scale will enable you to get what you want or need without becoming familiar to those around you.

- towards the end he had an established limp which I think I had seen in the movies.

- Hair cut short and neat but never military style, always be a few models behind with technology, a phone from two years ago, an older model car will blend in like nothing else.

Avoid credit and credit systems at all times but several current accounts are essential at all times

- Always have a back up identity in case your original one starts to fade or scratch

- Denying who you are ' I am not x or y' will always put the spot light on you, a better way to get out of these situations is to be in a hurray at all times.

- Several small amounts of cash should be stashed at several different locations, always have a few up to date identity documents and chewing gum and a reliable but inexpensive watch.

- A passable knowledge of all sporting events and types will open useful doors and help you to vanish for short periods should you need to, avoid conversations about politics food or the weather.

- He always seemed slightly underdressed for the prevalent temperatures and said hats were out of the question.

- Yogurt and honey are an essential part of the diet, the body should be used to them at all times, this is the quickest way for it to adapt to the local microbes and avoid diseases that affect strangers.

- only wear t-shirts on weekends, have at least two or three that advertise adult rock bands like Fleetwood Mac or genesis, also it is best to carry a single crisp, full shopping bag if walking around after 7pm.

- Never let anyone see you if you are ill or infirm, never show signs of common weakness.

- Strategy becomes the means by which one can engineer stability.

- avoid your neighbors at all costs, if you see them be polite and in a rush, don't talk them about the weather and if they bring it up just nod and smile.

- In conversation mention peoples names at all times especially if you are sure the person you are talking to doesn't know them.

- He had a cheerful way of including one but seemed slightly bored at all times. he would ask 'how long does it take for a bubble to form and then burst, how long will it take you to remember the names of all the people you have sworn at, this is how long it will take for you to forget me and for me to remember almost nothing forever.

The improvised coda is a very useful tool, you can use this to steer the conversation almost invisibly in the direction it may best serve your needs.

- Using sex as a means to gain information will invariably fail, sex with someone that you know will make it that much harder for you to disappear, because sex is usually laced with disappointment and disappointment is an almost indelible condition that you do not want to trigger.

- Leather, that prosthetic skin can be useful if you intent to disappear from heights at speed or on rough terrain, it is good in the wind but not the rain, but it should never be aggressive or appear expensive.

Never buy clothes with numbers on them, these are the easiest to remember, we learn numbers before we learn words so our recall for numbers is phenomenal

- Yellow is best avoided at all times it is at once the colour of wealth and poverty, sickness and light.

- Never go into shops where the layout and the products are unfamiliar, you can't browse in a chemist or a shop where all the products are behind the counter, you want to avoid being offered help in a retail situation at all costs. Any pharmaceuticals that you should need should be purchased over the phone and delivered in unmarked packages to a trusted third party.

- He always had a small sachet of salt in his top pocket, if I asked him why he would just wink, by his body language you knew not to persist.