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////// Spacial ////// to view the video click here

by Charles Maggs

The perfection can be a problem sometimes. Does it bother you ?

Would it be better if you waited, waited. (this is such a short story I usually forget)

The silences are more bearable but less frequent don't you find -

Have you had help with these problems, have you spoken to anyone.

I know you, I know you, I have seen and been seen, but I know you

I like this less, less and less but I like you more.

Where did the wilderness begin and end when did you last look.

time folds itself at times

Are you a quiet person, you know, one of those quiet ones.

Have you seen the meaning.

Have you found the edge of truth

I woke up yesterday and thought about you, only you.

Could you imagine doing that, job.

How many questions have I asked, what about quantity.

Did you get what you expected

Have you been to the place we spoke about, not a word to anyone else.

Sometimes you get into a position where it has to be him or you sink not so.

Have you got this fear that is going around.

There are times when one must walk along the paths, you know.

I have been to the edge, to this place but I can't find it again for the life of me.

Have you ever just hidden under the bed, for no real reason

Is it dark yet outside,

Do you know if they can see me, with their equipment

All the honourable dialogues have been spoken, what are we left with.

I can't help but feel the discomfort

Some mornings my shirt just doesn't seem to fit properly a few days later it's fine

Are you always this quiet, or it is the disapointment perhaps ?

The outside the inside they seem quite similiar now don't they

Didn't you ask me this before.